Easybee's team of virtual receptionists provides a valuable service for small businesses, real estate offices and law firms. Lawyers often spend a lot of time away from their desks, as they're usually litigating in court or holding meetings with clients. Hiring a virtual receptionist can have a big impact on your law firm.

1. Increases Efficiency
Leaving the phone-answering tasks to a virtual receptionist such as Easybee can free legal assistants to complete other tasks that may be more important for your firm's operation, such as sorting files or conducting crucial legal research. A virtual receptionist offers a professional, foolproof system for communication and handling business.

2. Saves Money
Efficiency, of course, saves time, but hiring a virtual receptionist can also help increase profit margins. Whether your law firm's virtual receptionist saves you just one hour a week or 50, hiring a virtual receptionist is often cheaper than hiring a full-time assistant just to answer the phone and schedule appointments. Easybee, for instance, offers affordable plans based on the number of minutes needed per month. Compare that to the cost of hiring a full-time assistant with salary and benefits (which can cost up to $40K annually depending on experience) and the difference is clear.

3. Handles the “Small Stuff”
Sometimes customers only contact a business via phone because they want to know its business hours or address. Easybee's team of virtual receptionists can provide that helpful information to customers and clients without taking up more of your valuable time.

4. Provides Professional First Impressions
In any business environment, first impressions matter. A virtual receptionist answering your law firm's phone ensures your office appears professional and organized. High-quality audio and pleasant hold music reinforce those positive first impressions.
If your clientele is international, Easybee virtual receptionists can handle communicating in multiple languages, primarily Spanish.

5. Redirects Calls to the Right Person
Most law firms have multiple lawyers, and virtual receptionists can help ensure each call is directed to the right person. They can also relay messages, schedule appointments and collect any potential leads for new clients.
These five reasons help demonstrate how a virtual receptionist can benefit your law firm and help make your business more profitable, more efficient and more professional-appearing to current and future clients. Start your 15-day free trial with Easybee, visit the website or call 305-447-7022 to find out more information.