The experts in virtual answering service solutions, EasyBee, have partnered with RevBuilders for digital marketing services.

Beginning in April 2017, RevBuilders will provide EasyBee with a full range of online marketing services to help the brand secure a foothold the online market. Services will include search engine optimization, PPC marketing automation, online content marketing and other best practices to ensure EasyBee ranks high in search engines and engages with the right target audience on the web.

EasyBee is a Miami-based provider of virtual answering services; it provides high-level English and Spanish call services.

Much of the EasyBee staff is based in El Salvador, and they can provide excellent bilingual call services that meet ER4B ratings. The company also provides numerous easy-to-manage answering service plans, making it simple for small and mid-size businesses across the globe to find a solution that works for them. EasyBee also offers tailored solutions to small businesses such as real estate brokers, law firms and field service companies including HVAC technicians, plumbers and electricians.

EasyBee solutions let businesses reduce overhead and manage customer calls in a streamlined manner. The employees don't just take messages; they can assist with basic informational queries, route calls appropriately to internal staff or even help keep up with appointment management. Not having calls go to voicemail increases the ability for companies to leverage leads and incoming prospects; about 20 percent of business staff never check their voicemail, and many customers will hang up before leaving a voicemail message.

With great services to offer and a well-trained staff ready to wow new clients, EasyBee is in the market for more exposure. Some goals from its partnership with RevBuilders are to increase performance in search engines, generate more leads, build a consistent online brand and leverage better content creation to position itself as the expert that it is.

RevBuilders is an SEO and content marketing company that provides comprehensive solutions for all types of businesses. It delivers on-point content for blog posts, article marketing and web page marketing, and it can help businesses with social media and PPC advertising as well.

EasyBee has evolved to provide expert services in a very necessary business niche, and it knows the value of leaning on a provider that can deliver great results. That's why it's turning to RevBuilders to handle online marketing while it continues to develop call service staff and provide winning solutions in that arena.

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