Unexpected calls can be distracting! Easybee can make sure no call goes unanswered while you work.

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Keep your business and clients on track

While you work, we take care of growing your business by answering potential client calls. This will create positive word of mouth for your brand. as well as new and happy customers.

We know that working in finance requires a lot of concentration, you cannot afford to make mistakes, especially when it comes to client’s portfolios.

Do not underestimate the level of focus you need to get your work done.

We understand that working in finance means there are alot of tasks that need to be completed.
Like any business, clients are vital and new clients must be added constantly to avoid stagnation. The day to day work tasks can be overwhelming and answering calls can be the last thing on your mind (and on your calendar). With Easybee, you can rest assured that we will handle all prospective client calls.

What are the benefits of having a virtual receptionist?

You remain focused

Crunching numbers is tedious. Answering calls in the middle of calculations can make you distracted and lose focus. With Easybee Virtual Receptionist you can work without interruptions.

With Easybee Answering Service no call will go unanswered.

Our virtual receptionists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions, direct calls, and transform every call into a sales call.

No missed opportunities

Our professional receptionists will handle your calls, answer questions, schedule appointments, and let you focus on what you are good at.

Do you already have a person in charge of answering your calls? Perfect!

Evaluate your costs and the benefits that this person adds to your business. We invite you to compare the benefits you have identified with those that Easybee Answering Service offers you starting at only $69 per month. Click here to view our standard minute plans. Need a more personalized plan? Email us and we will create one just for you.


Screen your calls

Stop wasting your time taking calls from people shopping around for free financial advice. Let us screen your calls.

Our virtual receptionists are responsible for identifying calls and preventing wasted time with callers who have no intention of acquiring your services.

What calls do you take?

Only the calls that require to be handled strictly by you and only those calls that exceed the information that our team of virtual receptionists has.

Does our service suit you?

If you are a Financial Advisor, Real Estate Investor, Accountant, mortgage broker or an insurance Agency, this service is for you. At Easybee we have qualified virtual receptionists capable of handling all your incoming calls, managing the technical language of the industry and speeding up business with each of your callers.

How much does it cost?

Check out our plans, try our 15 day free trial.

Try 15 day free trial

At the end of the free trial, it is your decision whether to hire our services or not.

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