Established businesses can get away with a lax approach on customer support. This is because of the reliability that is usually attached to their brand name. Reliability is a combination of quality and support of a product or service. It is commonly observed that thousands of established brands lose customers due to the lack of good customer support.

Customer support is an expensive affair. The resources and infrastructure required can sap funds from smaller businesses taking away profitability and productivity. This is where a virtual receptionist comes in. Read on to find out how a virtual receptionist can help maintain both profitability and productivity.

Virtual Receptionists Help Maintain Profitability

Customer support is an expensive investment for a small business. Many businesses ignore it for maintaining profitability, which can affect the reliability quotient in the long run. Customers choose a firm based on customer support. When looking for law firms and real estate firm’s customer support is a major aspect. You’ll be relieved to know that Easybee operates and specializes in both these fields. Choosing a virtual receptionist lets you save on the resources and infrastructure required for customer support.

Virtual receptionists are the top choices for small businesses that can save thousands of dollars every month. For example: small businesses that deal with foreign clients regularly find themselves dealing with a language barrier. Finding customer support executives for foreign languages is quite expensive & maintaining resources for the same can drain revenue and can ruin lucrative business opportunities.

Profitability is also affected by the sales volumes of business. Resolving client queries with a virtual receptionist can drive up volume-based sales. Virtual receptionists are constantly available for your customers and they can ensure that no sales leads are lost. This helps your business maintain profitability and a healthy sales volume.

Productivity Increases When You Don’t Need to Get Involved

Productivity is affected by a lack of focus. For a small business, productivity is very extremely important to ensure that the business keeps moving. In a small business, a single employee often performs multiple roles. It is common to see customer support spread out among employees depending on the department that deals with it. Constant diversion towards customer calls can break focus and decrease the productivity of your employees. Customer queries are often minor and can annoy the employee dealing with it. In worst- case scenarios, this can spoil your professional working environment.

A virtual receptionist can help avoid this. When the employees of small businesses don’t have to worry about customer calls and simple queries, they can focus on their work better and make your product or service better. Since virtual receptionists are trained to handle customer calls, they are better at providing customer support.


Virtual receptionists handle customer queries in real-time and are always available to your customers and clients. Virtual receptionists answer the way you request and can help you maintain a professional image which is crucial for a small business. In conclusion, virtual receptionists help free employees so that they can concentrate on their work and help you create an image of a reliable brand.