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Your top-notch legal answering service ensures smooth and client-focused communication.

Easybee operators specialize in the legal field, boasting knowledge in legal terminology, and dedicated professionalism. Lawyers and business owners choose Easybee Answering Services for a responsive and cost-effective answering solution tailored and designed for their needs.

Our tailored services extend beyond industries, contributing to the growth of businesses across the board. Unleash the potential of 24/7 call answering, Spanish support, and professional virtual receptionists with our committed answering team at your disposal. 

Let us make your life easier with seamless integrations.

Make the most out of every call

There's nothing we can't handle

Receptionist service

Receptionist Service

Don't miss any calls with our 24/7 virtual receptionist service.

call transfers

Call Transfers

We seamlessly connect callers to the right person ensuring efficient communication for your business.

message taking

Message Taking

We ensure every call is answered professionally and efficiently. 

Appoint scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Simplify your appointment scheduling process with our automated answering service.

We guarantee you an excellent service

We are the most cost-effective virtual receptionists in the market.

We help businesses save up to $36,000 per year compared to traditional in-house receptionist services.

Our mission is to effectively manage your calls and minimize your costs, always seeking the best solution.

Grow your business

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Remember that our virtual receptionist service is only available in The United States


Monthly plans adapted to your needs

Our plans are designed to adapt to your minute requirements. If you can't find a plan that perfectly fits your needs, we can create a fully customized and tailored plan for your business.


What our customers say

"Phenomenal service, great Easybee team, reliable, helpful in every way. Very thankful for all you do!."

“Excellent service, professional, quick response, would recommend.”

"when you find a good resource such as easybee you can trust that your clients will be handled as you want to be treated."

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Easybee Answering Services was hired by a law firm for voice and messaging services. They are in charge of calls, messages, and schedule consultations from the firm's current and potential clients 24/7.


The team's responsiveness and willingness to go above and beyond when it comes to reporting calls in detail continue to make the vendor-client partnership run smoothly. The customers appreciate their helpfulness in whatever concerns.


Attorney & Owner, Richards Legal LLC

Hashi Richards
1-10 Employees
Orlando, Florida


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Call Center Services for Law Firm
Easybee Answering Services provides ongoing call center services for a trusts and estates law firm.


"The team is very responsive."
Despite the challenging aspects, Easybee Answering Services' services have been great overall and resolve all issues immediately. Their workflow was wonderful.


Principal Attorney, Providence Legal, P.A.
Clara Delgado Rossell
1-10 Employees
Coral Gables, Florida



What To Look For In A Virtual Receptionist?

How to Turn Every Call Into a Sales Call

  • Be available 24/7
  • Listen to the customer’s needs
  • Show them you know how they feel
  • Partner with a phone answering service

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