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Over 65% of callers will not call a business back if their call is not answered.

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Because we know that missing calls means losing business opportunities. Our answering service was born because there are too many calls and not enough hours in the day to work and answer at the same time. Let us help you never miss a call.

What are the benefits of hiring an answering service?

  • Increase in business opportunities
    At Easybee we handle cost-effective minute plans. Our main purpose is to help small, medium and large companies access more clients without the financial burden of an expensive solution. 
  • Around the clock gig
    Businesses today stay competitive by being accessible to their clients. We are up and running 24/7 to ensure your business stays competitive. You will never miss a prospective client while you are on vacation, at a celebration and even during holidays.
  • Stand out
    Our mission at EasyBee is to prioritize high quality phone answering experiences. We cater to your company’s needs and develop a genuine conversation flow with your clients. 
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We have pre-established plans but in case none suits your needs, we can create a personalized plan for your business.

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