The Client

Greg VanderWoude is a dedicated and experienced solo practitioner specializing in estate planning and immigration law. Located in Hudsonville, Michigan, he founded the Law Office of Gregory VanderWoude after eight years in the legal field.
Greg prioritizes clear and timely communication with his clients and found a cost-effective solution by integrating Easybee into his workflow. This has improved his client interactions in estate planning and immigration law.


Greg encountered several challenges that hindered his communication with clients. One major problem was missed phone calls, which resulted in potential clients being unable to reach him directly and choosing other options. In today's fast-paced world, people are often hesitant to leave voicemails and prefer immediate assistance.

This led to missed opportunities for Greg and a sense of frustration for those seeking legal guidance. Greg recognized the need for a reliable gatekeeper who could efficiently handle incoming calls and ensure that no potential client was left unheard. It was this pressing need that ultimately drove him to seek out a solution that could bridge the gap between his availability and his clients' needs.

Furthermore, Greg had a strong preference for having live operators who felt like an integral part of his company. He believes that these operators play a crucial role in the initial stages of client interaction, as they are often the first point of contact. Greg wanted his clients to feel valued and heard right from the moment they reached out to his law firm. With this in mind, Greg's search for an answering service solution was not solely focused on call management but also finding operators who could effectively represent his firm's values and provide the level of service he aspired to deliver.



After some time looking around, Greg stumbled upon Easybee through a Facebook group and decided to delve deeper into what we had to offer. Initially, he was hesitant upon learning that we were not US-based. However, intrigued by the positive feedback he came across, he decided to give our service a try, taking advantage of our 2-week free trial. From the moment Greg experienced our service firsthand, his doubts disappeared.

The high-quality service we provided surpassed his expectations, proving that the geographical location of the operators did not hinder our ability to deliver top-notch assistance.

With Easybee, Greg found a cost-effective solution that perfectly aligned with his firm's needs. It has now been three months since he joined us, and his satisfaction with our service continues to grow. Greg appreciates the professionalism, efficiency, and personalized touch that our operators bring to every call, making Easybee an invaluable asset for his company.

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The main features Greg uses from Easybee’s services are:


Taking Messages

Message taking enables our skilled operators to gather essential contact information from callers while also delving deeper to gather additional details that can provide a more comprehensive message for the client.

Our operators possess critical thinking skills, allowing them to go beyond a script and ask relevant questions that enhance the message's quality and usefulness.


Call Patching

Greg has entrusted us with the task of patching his important calls. Recognizing the importance of optimizing his billable time, he prefers to delegate administrative tasks to our capable team. With clear instructions, Greg has specified that only crucial calls such as those from courthouses, judges, emergencies, and other attorneys should be patched through to him.

This ensures that he can prioritize and give the necessary attention to important matters while avoiding unnecessary interruptions.



The results of Greg using Easybee as his answering service have been highly beneficial to his practice. With our help, Greg no longer experiences lost leads as we efficiently capture all the necessary information from each caller. This ensures that no potential client falls through the cracks, allowing Greg to follow up and nurture these leads effectively. By entrusting Easybee with call management, Greg has witnessed a significant increase in the number of leads captured compared to when he was handling everything alone. The seamless integration of our service has not only improved Greg's efficiency but also freed up his time to focus on providing expert legal guidance to his clients.

Greg is satisfied with the relationship between the service provided by Easybee and the cost involved. Our cost-effective solution has delivered tangible results, allowing him to optimize his client interactions without straining his budget. As a testament to his positive experience, Greg would readily vouch for Easybee and recommend our services to others who face similar challenges. The combination of our reliable call handling, lead capturing capabilities, and cost-effectiveness has established Easybee as a trusted partner for Greg's law firm, enabling him to provide exceptional service while growing his client base.

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