The Client

Introducing Maria Colon, a distinguished attorney specializing in immigration law. Her journey began in June 2021 when she established her own practice in Maryland, serving clients nationwide.

Today, Maria's team boasts two proficient paralegals, a skilled administrative assistant, a savvy accountant, and a reliable virtual receptionist service. Notably, Maria's commitment to client service extends beyond conventional business hours, a feat made possible through the seamless support of Easybee Answering Services.



Maria foresaw the challenges that came with managing an influx of calls alongside her already demanding schedule. Fears of missing out on opportunities due to this burden were well-founded. The dilemma lay in identifying a solution that struck the perfect equilibrium between cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

It was imperative to ensure that no potential business leads slipped through the cracks.



Maria's quest for a solution led her to Easybee, a discovery she made through a Facebook group dedicated to immigration attorneys. The allure of bilingual support and round-the-clock assistance immediately resonated with her needs. Even before venturing into solo practice,

Maria recognized the importance of assembling tools for success. Engaging an answering service was a strategic move, setting her on a path to stand out. Easybee's attentive care, transparent approach, and pay-as-you-go structure aligned perfectly with Maria's vision.


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The main features Maria uses from Easybee’s services are:



By integrating Easybee's scheduling tool, Maria effortlessly facilitates virtual and in-person consultations. With two streamlined scheduling links, Squareup enhances the operator and client experience, emphasizing convenience.


Payment Processing

Easybee handles payment collection before consultations using Squareup. Maria extends flexibility by offering various payment options, catering to client preferences and simplifying the payment process.


Important Call Patching

Dedicated to ensuring urgent communication reaches her promptly, Maria relies on Easybee's warm transfer service. This guarantees seamless connections with judges, USCIS, government agencies, and court officials


Current Client Patching

Maria prioritizes existing clients, and Easybee assists by promptly patching these calls through to her. She receives caller information before the connection, allowing her to make informed decisions about call handling.



Partnering with Easybee since 2021, Maria's journey over the past three years showcases the profound impact of their collaboration. The assurance of not missing potential leads and the swift handling of critical calls, including emergencies, have proven invaluable. Even hard-to-reach government agencies are managed effectively.

Reflecting on her experience, Maria strongly recommends Easybee to those facing similar challenges. Her advice: "Embrace delegation without hesitation." In the fast-paced business landscape, entrusting tasks to capable professionals enables focusing on core strengths. With Easybee's dependable support, clients receive the same level of care, fostering robust relationships and business growth.


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