The Client

Meet Martez Jones, an experienced professional based in Ontario with a rich background in various legal areas.

He is the proud owner and founder of Jones Paralegal, a Paralegal practice that has been successfully operating for nine years. Martez specializes in representing clients with issues related to landlord and tenant, human rights and handling small claims cases in civil matters.  Martez is well-regarded for his commitment to providing high-quality legal representation. 


Martez faced a typical challenge that many solo entrepreneurs experience: the constant ringing of the phone, which led to missed opportunities and added stress and disorder to his workload.

He became tired of personally handling calls from people seeking free legal advice. Unplanned and lengthy conversations were eating into his time as people took advantage of his direct access.

Striking a balance between work and personal life became a challenge due to the flexibility of his entrepreneurial life; calls could disrupt him at any time, including during personal activities like going to the gym, making it hard to disconnect from work.

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To regain control over his time and focus on critical tasks, Martez decided to seek a solution.

He opted for a middle person, an answering service, to manage his calls efficiently while allowing him to devote his full attention to more important aspects of his work. Martez discovered Easybee during a simple Google search, did some research, and decided to give our 2-week free trial a try.

Once the trial period was over, he found our service to be highly beneficial and has remained a loyal customer for about 3 years now.


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The main features Martez uses from Easybee’s services are:



We assist Martez in managing all his incoming calls by screening and organizing them, allowing him to approach each call appropriately and efficiently.



Martez has been quite satisfied with Easybee's services so far. He appreciates that we send detailed and prompt messages after each call. This is crucial for him because it enables him to follow up with potential clients in a timely manner. 

With our assistance, he has seen a boost in his profits. Instead of constantly fielding calls and risking others taking advantage of his availability, he can now focus more on his billable hours and essential tasks while entrusting us with call handling. We ensure that no calls go unanswered, preventing potential clients from slipping away, and that the people or messages we relay to him are highly relevant to his business.

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