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Meet Easybee client, Attorney Luis Medina, and his immigration law firm, Medina Law, PLLC. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Medina Law was founded in March 2020. Operating as a cutting-edge virtual solo practice, Medina Law can serve clients across the United States in immigration matters, like citizenship and naturalization, family petitions, removal defense, and humanitarian immigration options.

Luis is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and his unwavering commitment and expertise shine through as he passionately advocates for clients' rights, transforming lives and opening doors to new possibilities.


Before discovering Easybee, Luis faced a pressing challenge that hindered his ability to effectively manage his workload. Struggling to strike a balance between engaging with potential clients and focusing on the core aspects of his legal practice, he found himself overwhelmed by the constant influx of phone calls.

It became increasingly difficult to keep up with client inquiries while also delivering the exceptional service he is known for. In search of a solution, Attorney Medina turned to an immigration lawyers' Facebook group, where he stumbled upon a recommendation that would change the game for him.



Introducing Easybee, the ideal solution for Luis. Impressed by positive reviews, Luis recognized the unmatched benefits of partnering with Easybee as his virtual receptionist service. Bilingual agents were a crucial feature that Medina Law was looking for to suit its diverse client base. Luis values professionals who can effortlessly bridge language barriers on the spot, something Easybee operators are known for.

To add to this, Easybee's cost-effective solutions sealed the deal. Luis sought a streamlined and affordable way to handle prospective client inquiries, finding exceptional value in Easybee's services.

By entrusting call answering and client filtering to Easybee, Luis could focus on providing excellent legal representation without compromising availability or responsiveness.

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The main features Luis uses from Easybee’s services are:


Appointment Scheduling

Luis has provided us with a link to his firm’s online scheduling page, which integrates with his firm’s calendar.

This enables our operators to easily book consultations at the caller’s convenience and that works with Luis’ schedule.


Payment taking

Our team also handles payment collection of Luis’ consultation fee prior to booking, streamlining the process for both Luis and his clients and avoiding unexpected client cancellations without being adequately compensated for his time.


Important Call Patching

This includes urgent communications from judges, USCIS, ICE, and court officials. By using warm transfer, we ensure seamless and efficient connection, minimizing any delays or disruptions in communication and ensuring that non-urgent matters do not take time away from Luis.



Implementing Easybee’s game-changing solution to the challenges Medina Law previously faced resulted in an immediate return on the firm’s investment by substantially cutting down on time Luis spent on the phone. With our round-the-clock bilingual operators, Luis no longer has to worry about answering calls or handling the administrative tasks associated with them. By allowing Easybee to take on the burden of collecting caller information, scheduling appointments, and processing payments, Luis has saved hours of valuable time to focus on his core business of practicing law.

Luis understands the importance of choosing a cost-effective service provider that is responsive to his firm’s needs, offers bilingual capabilities, is available 24/7, and is cost-effective. Having experienced the tremendous benefits firsthand, Luis continues to entrust us to handle his calls and recommends Easybee to his colleagues facing similar challenges. 

By partnering with Easybee, companies can ensure uninterrupted communication with their diverse client base and eliminate the administrative headaches that often hinder productivity and growth, all without having to spend a lot of money!

Unlock your business potential with Easybee. Join the hundreds of satisfied clients who benefit from the reliability of our 24/7 answering service. Say goodbye to administrative hassles and welcome a brighter future for your business.

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