Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Easybee different than any other virtual receptionist service?


What makes Easybee different than any other virtual receptionist service?

  • Price! We have the lowest prices of all answering services out there.
  • Industry focused teams! We may have dozens of operators, however, you will always
    have the same 4 to 6 operators answering calls for your company. This ensures that
    they develop a familiarity with your business and clients and provide a better service
    than a company who bounces your calls around a pool of dozens of agents.
  • Customer service! Any onboarding process or changes to your script or account are
    done within a couple of hours, not days.
Do you offer bilingual services?


Do you offer bilingual services?

Yes! All of our operators are fully bilingual with an English and Spanish proficiency level of 92% and above. They are also college graduated and trained to handle calls in a professional manner!

Will I sign a contract?


Will I sign a contract?

No! Our terms and agreements are month to month. If you want to stop service just let us know and you will not receive any other invoices.

04 Do I have to get a new phone number?

Only if you want to. We can provide a number for you but the majority of our clients choose to use the number they have marketed and own and forward to the number that we assign to them.

05 What hours are the receptionists available?

We are available 24/7/365!

06 What happens if I go over my plan minutes?

We will NOT charge you for overage. We will just keep charging you at the current per minute rate, but we will recommend you move into a more appropriate plan for the future months.

07 Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in Miami, FL. However, part of our labor force is located in El Salvador, Central America. Regardless of where we take your call, our operators work on-site to ensure maximum call quality and supervision.

08 What is the difference between my building’s answering service and Easybee’s virtual receptionist service?

Your building’s answering service may sound impersonal as they do nothing but take a message. We use a highly sophisticated script and call answering software so we sound as a member of your team.

09 What else can you do besides answering the phone?

Pretty much anything! We can do light intake, webform filling, schedule appointments, take messages, patch calls, provide information, and more! Everything is included in our plans so you do not have to pay extra!

10 Can you make outbound calls?

Yes! And there is no extra cost for these either besides the minutes that the operator will be on the call which directly impact your plan. Just send us an email and we will get the outbound call done within half an hour or at the specific time you request it.

11 How much will this cost me?

That depends on how many calls you get! Our smallest plans are only $59 per month. But on average, our clients pay between $109 and $209 per month!