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We know that Attorneys are intensely busy throughout the work week, without any help this can damage your customer service and slow the growth of your business.

A Microsoft report mentions that 58% of American consumers switch services because of poor customer service.

Are you willing to let this happen to you? It's time to add a legal answering service to your company.

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Did you know that 80% of callers that go to voicemail, will not leave a message?

This is a great loss of opportunities that no one should be willing to allow.

Get a two week Free Trial

Did you know that our team of virtual receptionists is constantly training to provide the best service and be up to date with the best practices to answer calls?

Our goal is to not just take calls but to transfer you the most important calls, taking messages, scheduling appointments and being ready to answer English and Spanish sales calls - No matter the size of your firm.

Let’s save thousands of dollars by saying goodbye to those annoying missed calls and lost voicemails

Legal Answering Services are an essential tool for law firms that are looking to improve their customer service skills without hiring an expensive in-house receptionist or representative. Some people know them as virtual receptionists, live receptionists, receptionist services, and more. In the end, they all do the same thing: field any inbound communication to your business with professionalism and excellent customer service.

Virtual receptionist services have proven to be one of the most effective solutions for maintaining responsive communication with your clients. Taking the help of a virtual receptionist service can improve customer experience, reducing your overhead, and capitalizing on existing client opportunities followed by an increase in profits.

Keep customers coming back to your law firm!

What can a Virtual assistant for law firms do for your firm?

As a business owner, we know it is easy to feel that you have to do E V E R Y T H I N G by yourself in order to reduce the rate of mistakes made. We know it because we were there. This helped us understand the needs of business owners and  helped us become experts on managing business communication.

Some of the things we do to optimize your communications are:

Screen your calls

Make sure you are not wasting your time taking calls from people shopping around for free legal advice. Let us screen your calls.

Work a schedule

Stop playing phone tag with your callers. We can schedule consultations and callbacks for you.

Make your communication with your clients efficient

Let us do some light intake so you can hit the ground running when you meet with your clients. They will appreciate it.

Consider the next questions to identify whether you need a virtual receptionist or not:

  • Do you think your time could be better spent?
  • Do you spend too much time out of the office?
  • Does work stress prevent you from giving good customer service?
  • Are your prospecting activities colliding with your scheduled meetings?

Legal Virtual Receptionists add value to your business and are noticed by your customers:

Your business is always available. Even on holidays, weekends and out of office hours.

Accessible businesses win more clients

  • You become personable.
  • Human interactions.
  • Modernized practice.
  • You achieve a competitive advantage over practices who are not investing in Technology.



Our flexibility to take on new challenges and handle tasks like scheduling, outbound calling and more, establishes us as a top option for lawyers. Before we knew it, our client base was growing with law firms of all sizes.

No matter if you are available or not

We are here to take your phone calls professionally.

Some of our greatest benefits? 

  • Our years of experience on the legal industry
  • Our successful processes 
  • Highly trained virtual receptionist teams
  • Bilingual virtual receptionists

7 out of every 10 clients at Easybee are law firms.

We have instituted continuous capacity building programs for all operators that are constantly developing desired law receptionist skills. Easybee operators are continuously taught about the differences in legal fields, legal vocabulary, the structure of the local judicial system, and more. This has made us a favorite option for lawyers looking for the best answering service for law firms.

Prove it yourself

If you are looking for an answering service for lawyers that is specific, responsive, and conveniently priced, look no further than Easybee Answering Services.

When a virtual receptionist handles incoming calls, the only phone calls you have to worry about are the ones that are forwarded through to your direct line.

Gain Flexibility and Prepare to Grow

With a virtual receptionist handling the majority of your law office's call volume, you will gain the flexibility to focus on other areas of your practice like helping clients and continuing to offer the professional legal services your clients need.


Need more reasons to get our Legal Answering Service to facilitate your business?

  • Virtual Receptionists don't need any office space or tools which make them cost-effective.
  • A virtual receptionist can also make your firm appear larger than it actually is, which will impress your clientele.
  • You can start this journey by checking our plans based on the quantity of minutes your firm needs every month, as well as a fully personalized plan that suits your needs.
  • It also guarantees someone will be there to pick up the phone and handle your clients' concerns whenever they call — so you don't have to worry about being away from your desk while you're in court or at a business meeting.
  • We provide Bilingual Answering services, so you can reach the hispanic market.
  • And last but not least, we have a two week free trial so you can experience the Easybee experience before getting a monthly plan.

Discover the best pricing plan for your business.
We have pre-established plans but in case none suits your needs, we can create a personalized plan for your business.

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As you continue to grow your business outside of the office, 

we will grow it within the office.

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What do some of our legal clients think about us?

"I had the service previously, then switched to another one, then came back to Easy Bee. The reason why I went back to Easy Bee is because the excellent customer service I received. I have been happy ever since and look forward to working with Easy Bee for the forceeable future"

- Jones Paralegal

"I have been using this service for years and I have never encountered any problems with the phone service nor have my clients or customers."

- Tarina Griffin's Private Practice

"I have been very impressed at staff's ability to summarize complex legal issues accurately."

- Lisa Feldstein Law Office PC