Service Professionals

Over 65% of callers will not call a business back if their call is not answered.

As an owner or worker in the industry, you know the number of calls that a newspaper receives are a lot. We have great experience handling calls and conversations with our clients, because we know that missing calls means losing business opportunities.
There are too many calls and not enough hours in the day to work and answer at the same time, this is why our answering service was born. So let us help you never miss a call.

What are the benefits of hiring an answering service?

Increase in business opportunities

Our professional receptionists will handle your calls, answer questions, schedule appointments, and let you focus on what you are good at.
At Easybee we handle cost-effective minute plans. Our main purpose is to help small, medium and large companies access more clients without the financial burden of an expensive solution.

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Around the clock gig

Businesses today stay competitive by being accessible to their clients. We are up and running 24/7 to ensure your business stays competitive.

It doesn’t matter if you are at or out of the office, we will handle every call during and outside of operating hours.
Our 24/7 service is affordable and allows you to take advantage of every opportunity. You will never miss a prospective client while you are on vacation, at a celebration (including Easter, Christmas and New Years) and even during holidays.

A motto that has accompanied us throughout our experience as a phone answering service company is: "The needs of our customers do not fit into timetables", much less those that are served by this industry. The urgency is real and the rush to solve these needs means that the possibility of closing any potential client is based on the speed in which they are replied to.

If you want to be the number one option for any prospective client, you must be available 24/7. With an Easybee Answering service you can do it from just $69 per month. Click here to learn about our plans.

Stand out

We understand the value of being unique. That is why we focus on bringing your uniqueness into our scripts, so we can deliver service that is on par with your brand.

Our mission at EasyBee is to prioritize high quality phone answering experiences. We cater to your company’s needs and develop a genuine conversation flow with your clients. No more cold scripts or call center type interactions.

At Easybee we adopt the essence and personality of your company, because of this we are able to generate friendly scripts that speak to your brand.

More than a million calls have been served by our operators. Contact us to provide a warm user experience to all your customers. How do you attract more clientele? This service will increase your business opportunities through word of mouth. Word of mouth is very powerful when used in a positive way; and because your users will have good experiences through our services, they will tell more users about it.

We are giving you direct access to our plans page. Our plans begin at just $69 a month, in addition to all the extra benefits. Client satisfaction, full access to business opportunities, positive word of mouth, customer recognition, and 24/7 answering are just the beginning.